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Hoover's Lead Builder: Lead Lists that Perform

Get verified mailing addresses, emails & phone numbers for precisely the targets you define.


Product Highlights

  • Create your custom list with over 50 selection criteria
  • Interactive tool gets you to the right list, fast
  • Exactly match your target market and your budget
  • Free sample list lets you check the list is right for your business
How to Build A List

Hoover's Lead Builder Features

Lead Package Options

  • Mailing addresses, email addresses, company phone numbers, direct dial phone numbers, company information – and combinations
  • ConnectMail feature for unlimited use of email addresses with no extra usage or rental fees

Search Criteria Navigation Bar

  • 50 search criteria organized under eight category tabs enable exact match of ideal customer profile

Status Palette

  • Visual review of: Lead type selected, Total number of leads,Total cost

Pre-sales Verification

  • 25 Leads View: Sample to ensure that the list meets your needs
  • Test Search: Verify that a particular company is on the list
  • List Summary Charts: Three pie charts/graphs display the breakout of your list by criteria such as by job title, annual sales, # employees

Save Search Criteria Button

  • Save and name each list to easily modify and re-use it to replicate your most profitable campaigns

DUNSRight Quality Assurance Process

  • Patented cleanse, match & link technology:
    • Cleanse: More than 2,000 automated and manual checks, data updated more than 1.5 million times daily
    • Match: D-U-N-S Number industry-standard business identifier eliminates duplicate records
    • Link: Aggregates relationships globally to reveal opportunities and risks

Why Hoover's Lead Builder?

The most dependable data and contact information: address, email & phone

With more than 85 million companies & 100 million contacts in 900 industries – validated through the patented DUNSRight quality assurance process – you get reliable lists that perform each and every time you run a campaign.

Pay for only the leads that match your target market

Hoover's Lead Builder is a cost-effective way to build your prospect pipeline – starting at $0.24 per lead. Select from 50 search criteria and exclude contacts from specific size companies, locations, industries ... to build prospect lists that match your ideal profile. Before you buy, view the first 25 leads and check that a particular company is on the list to ensure purchase of just what you want. And, Hoover's ConnectMail feature offers unlimited use of email addresses with no additional usage or rental fees.

Fast and intuitive to build, use, and re-use lists. Menu-driven three-step process makes it easy to:

  1. Build lists: Select the list type (mail, email, phone, or combination) and criteria of ideal customer profile
  2. Verify leads: Examine the results to confirm the leads are exactly what you want
  3. Buy lists: Download your list to launch your campaign, save, and name it for future modification and usage

    Improve the ROI of your marketing and sales campaigns with Hoover's Lead Builder


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